About Robert Russell

Music & Life:

Robert was born in "the Valley" of Southern California, (Like totally) and has been playing rock and roll music in various bands in Los Angeles and San Francisco since he was a teenager. He founded the rockabilly inspired punk band So-Cal Rocket Dynamics as an Upright Bass Player in 2009 and he is a primary song writer with guitar player Matt Britton, Drummer Mark Powell, And Singer Rich Contadino. 
(Albums available on iTunes and many other outlets)

Robert lives in North Hollywood today with his wife Jennifer Fournier who is a seamstress and costumer for movies, TV, and major theme parks. The two of them enjoy vintage clothing and collectables. You can follow Jen's adventures at her site: www.thevintagesmalls.com


Paying The Bills:
Robert has had a long career in animation for video games and makes titles such as Medal of Honor, Sunset Overdrive, and the Insane 2018 hit Spiderman for the PS4, ...But that's not what we are here to talk about. 


Total Geek:
Robert collects Music Equipment (of course), however, science fiction, Monster Movies, as well as Vintage toys and collectables, are a huge part of his life. You can usually find Robert at Monsterpalooza and he loves to get autographs of actors from his favorite movies. He is a true believer.

Life and Death:
After beating stage 3 cancer in 2015, complete with chemo and radiation, Robert began to feel a bigger drive to write music. Not long after winning that battle against cancer, his brother in-law Tom Cowen left this world as the result of a sudden heart attack,. His sister Lisa, gave him a few of Tom's guitars. Tom was a pretty great rockabilly player and loved the sound of a Gretsch with spring reverb. Tom and Robert played together in one of the earliest incarnations of what would later become So-Cal Rocket Dynamics.

Long Live Rock & Roll